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Vaccines Are On The Horizon

Below are some thoughts and personal opinions about health, "China syndrome," and where we are in this process of dealing with the pandemic.

This year has been awful in many ways. The Chinese virus has unleashed havoc on our society, our economy, our politics, and even our confidence. Strong evidence suggests that it was purposefully unleashed on us through a European corridor. If our presidential election goes the way it appears to be going, there will be no accountability for the perpetrators. It is almost a moot point. The virus is here.

The more we test, the larger the number of cases, and we find the actual mortality grows smaller proportionately. We continue to mask and distance to protect ourselves from each other. Death from the virus is still rare. So what else can we do until the vaccines are available?

Research tells us that people who have been affected by the virus tend to be low on vitamin D3. Get some. Take 5000 international units daily. If you can swing it with your schedule, get out and walk in the sunshine about 20 minutes daily. This will help you make your own vitamin D through your skin. Quercetin and zinc appear to be a good preventive measure. Quercetin helps you absorb zinc. They come together in a product called Scimune. Look for some. Good old vitamin C is another good idea. There is a product called Emergen-C that provides 1000 mg per dose. Mix it with cold water and drink two of these daily.

Stay hydrated. Get enough rest. Deal with your stress.

If you are sick, stay home.

If you are not feeling well, it does not mean you have Covid. However, there are a lot of manifestations of this virus, ranging from "no symptoms" to full-blown respiratory distress. For most people, it is not a serious illness. For seniors with pre-existing conditions, it can be a serious concern. Some people have fever and feel terrible. Some people just lose their sense of taste and smell for a while. Some people have flu-like symptoms. If you are suspicious about yourself, see her primary care provider and discuss getting tested. Research does not support people being tested who were not symptomatic.

Two vaccines are on the horizon. Personally, I am watching both of them carefully. You will hear one political party trying to scare you away from them because they were developed in record-setting time due to the intervention of the other political party. It is unthinkably irresponsible for a politician to cast doubt on the scientific community in order to smear another politician, but it is happening right before our eyes.

The scientific process of creating the vaccines is sound. Separate from that, there will be resistance even inside the FDA for political reasons to try to discredit or smear the president who facilitated the process. Again, it is unthinkable what is happening right in front of us.

So, take care of yourself. Do the things you can to stay healthy. Watch for the emergence of the vaccines and make your own decisions based on your best judgment. Stay informed to make the best decisions that you can. I will follow the science and ignore the politics. I will read a lot, follow the best possible information and make the best decisions I can. I will share information and provide guidance for our patients.

Vaccines are on the horizon. We will get past this virus and go on to whatever is next. We are resilient.

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