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Take A Load Off

The American Chiropractic Association tells us that about 50% of Americans admit to having chronic back pain. There are many potential sources for back pain. If you have it, you need to find a competent provider who will do a thorough history, a physical examination, and imaging when necessary. It takes all three of these to make an accurate diagnosis.

Some of the patients who present here have intervertebral disc problems. The first treatment of choice for disc injuries (bulges, herniations) is nonsurgical spinal decompression. It is safe, effective, and has no bad side effects.

For disc problems in the neck, spinal decompression literally pulls pressure out of a bulging disc. Put simply, when we create suction forces on the inside of the disc, we can literally suck the herniation back into the disc. If we simply reduce a disc bulge enough to take it off the nerve root, that is a win.

Spinal decompression works equally well for lumbar discs as well. Relief is often felt immediately and incrementally.

I have good relationships with several surgeons and refer patients to them when it is necessary. However, for the vast majority of disc injuries, surgery is not necessary. In fact, we get referrals from surgeons for cases in which surgery is either not necessary or may be contraindicated.

If you suffer from neck or back pain, give us a call. You may be a candidate for quick relief.

By the way, there is no extra fee for spinal decompression here. It is just part of what we do, and another modality I can use to achieve clinical success

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