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Popsicle Fingers or Toes can be Real

I see a few cases of Reynaud’s Syndrome (like in the picture) from time to time. It’s a vascular condition that involves profound constriction of blood vessels in the extremities. Most often this affects the hands and fingers, though it can also affect the toes. The majority of folks who are affected are women.

Cold weather, stress, smoking, and other conditions may trigger an attack. The fingers may get cold, then numb. It is very aggravating and may be painful.

There are medications for it, but if you have it, keep your hands warm. Use warm water if you need it, and in many cases it will stop the constriction. If you get sores on your fingers or toes, see your primary care doctor.

And stop smoking—nicotene may trigger an attack. Also, in full disclosure, no one should smoke ever anyway. It’s expensive, addictive, harmful, and it stinks.

So if you have “popsickle” fingers or toes, you might have Reynaud’s syndrome. Check it out.

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