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Opinions can be Colored, Too

Never in epidemiological history has a disease been so politicized. Covid-19 has been accused of causing innumerable catastrophes, most of which seem to be true. Information about it has been virtually weaponized and used for political purposes.

We have been told that people of color, for example, have been hit by Covid-19 disproportionately, as though the virus, or policy-makers, or both had discriminatory racial motives. I’ve heard it said in speeches in accusatory tones.

Well, here come some research data upon which we should build our knowledge and our policies. A study published in the journal Critical Care Medicine sheds light on the issue:


In critically ill patients infected with coronavirus disease 2019, people of color had a lower 28-day mortality than Whites with no difference in hospital mortality, ICU length of stay, or rates of intubation. These findings are contrary to previously held beliefs surrounding the pandemic.

Another myth bites the dust. Next time you hear a politician claim with all the force of righteousness that Covid-19 has affected “people of color” more than others, raise your hand politely and beg to differ. It will set the record straight and make your day.

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