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False Sense of Security

Recent emphasis on wearing masks in the press have convinced a majority of people that they work in preventing disease. Specifically, most people now think that their surgical mask would decrease their chances of getting coronavirus. It will not.

A surgical mask is more efficient, logically, then the cloth masks that are more fashionable and can be color coordinated with your outfit. Other than making a statement that you are on board with being helpful, the cloth mask is even less useful.

The whole social distancing thing is better for avoiding exposure. But, Christmas is here. We won't do that, either.

So, get plenty of rest. Manage your stress and stay hydrated. Find some quercetin and zinc and take it daily. Take plenty of vitamin C and vitamin D3. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer.

Then, go live your life, free, fearless and fulfilled. If you are a business owner, stay open and go to work. Maintain your focus and your sense of purpose.

We will come out of this on the other side, but are choices in how we deal with it will affect the quality of what we have left.

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