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Drug Screens

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As members of the e-Screen network, we're connected to nearly 1,500 drug and alcohol testing centers nationwide. This affiliation enables us to cater not only to our local clients but also to extend our services to corporate clients with offices across Georgia or anywhere in the U.S.

Leveraging e-Screen technology, we conduct pre-employment or random screens in our clinic, delivering results to your computer screen within six to eight minutes. This rapid turnaround empowers you to make informed hiring decisions promptly, ensuring immediate access to crucial data.

Iris City Mobile

For business owners or representatives with multiple screenings, we offer the convenience of on-site services. Our team is ready to travel to your workplace, providing seamless onsite drug screens. This service is designed to be a convenient resource for employers, aiming to support our valued partners and simplify the journey towards creating a drug-free workplace.


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