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The very nature of chiropractic involves hands-on delivery of service. It is a literal and pictorial example of human caring. There is no “social distancing” when people hurt.

In the early years of my practice, the volume of patients we saw on a daily basis was fairly low. This allowed us to handle “walk-ins” with immediate attention.

It is, always has been, and always will be my intention to give each patient the care and communication that they need. Nothing will change about that while I am in practice.

After 25 years of practice, we have grown. We are now seeing as many people in a day as we saw in a week during those early days when the practice was young. Therefore, in an effort to continue providing that same quality service we ask that all who need care call [(770) 412 – 0005] for an appointment. Scheduled appointments allow us to best manage the flow of patients each day and also helps us avoid you getting caught in the middle of a busy period, such as Monday morning, when the trucking school sends students for DOT physicals.

If it's been two years since your last appointment with us please read this.

If you need urgent care, tell Tomika, Ashley or Olivia when you call. We will get you in almost always on the day you call. As soon as humanly possible, you will get my best.

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