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Drugs Don't Work Program

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Your Best Choice For A Safer Workplace

Drug & Alcohol Screens

Schedule Your Drug Screen Today! (770)412-0005


We are part of the e-Screen network, linked to nearly 1,500 other drug and alcohol testing centers across the United States. That allows us to not only serve our local clients, but also to provide services for corporate clients who have offices in other locations in Georgia or anywhere in the U.S.


Using e-Screen technology, we can do pre-employment or random screens in our clinic and have the results on your computer screen in six to eight minutes. This allows you to make the best possible hiring decisions with immediate data at your command.

Iris City Mobile

If you own a company or are a company representative and have multiple screenings that need to be done, we will even travel out to your place of business and conduct the screens onsite!  These onsite drug screens are done as a convenience to employers. We do what we can to be a resource to our valued partners and to help  becoming a drug free workplace as easy as possible.  

To schedule Iris City Mobile give us a call at 770-412-0005

Results in Minutes!

Certified drug free work places in Georgia receive a state mandated 7.5% discount on workers compensation insurance

It's quick.
It works.
It's easy.
It's smart.
Learn more about becoming a drug free workplace here
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